Following the success of the inaugural Future Electric Vehicle Leaders Circle in May 2018, Hotel ICON together with Charged Hong Kong are thrilled to be organising the Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference- expanding the discussion to cover a key topic in an ever more dynamic world.

The upcoming Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference 2019 will be held in the morning on Tuesday, 21 May 2019, at Hotel ICON.

Hotel ICON aims to organise an event to provide stakeholders, as well as the general public with a local platform to engage with this topic, and to further explore technology and best practices for turning a smart city plan into reality. The Conference will be focusing on smart mobility or transportation, an area that has seen some of the greatest transformations in recent years.

Building on the success of previous events over the past seven years, Hotel ICON, a thought leader in hospitality innovation once again presents an ideal platform for industry networking, sharing tips and advice, gaining knowledge and skills and learning about the latest technologies and solutions related to Smart City, Smart Mobility.